Winter Fishing in 2020

226The trout fishing is still continuing to impress. The shore guys are still catching Steelhead and Brown Trout down and around Art Park using pink and chartreuse egg sacs, #4 spinners and jigs. The boat guys are doing better up in Devils Hole for Steelhead also using pink sacs , live bait or Kwikfish , depending on the water clarity. The boats have also been doing well out on the Niagara Bar fishing for trout  when the winds are cooperating.  I have also heard of trout being caught up at Burt Dam and Oak Orchard, but check water levels at Oak, I have heard they fluctuate quite a bit. We still do not have ice on Lake Erie and the ground is not frozen so we can expect to contend with muddy waters here and there. We have had some pretty mild weather and the fishing has been pretty impressive, so get out there and enjoy!!

Winter Fishing

I know the weather has been quite cold and the water clarity will continue to give us fits till we freeze more , but the fishing has been amazing!!! The shore guys at Art Park have been doing well.  The Lake Trout have not only been in great abundance but also great  in size. They are catching some hogs!! Laker season is not until January 1st , so release them unharmed. Steelhead and Brown Trout fishing has been pretty amazing also  in the Lower Niagara. Guys have been having luck with #4 spinners , egg sacs and beads. Colors are starting to change from Chartreuse to Pinks, but both are still working especially in murky water. 18 Mile Creek has been a little slow but I have had guys doing well at Oak Orchard with the Browns. Dont let this great winter fishing extravaganza pass you by. Get out and enjoy!!!

Trout fishing

The Trout fishing in the Lower Niagara has been on fire!! Shore guys are catching Steelhead and some Browns on sacs, beads and spinners at Artpark and Devils Hole. Boat guys are using Chartreuse sacs and Kwikfish.  The Lake Trout are in the river in abundance, they are out of season until January 1st , so release them unharmed. Colors for sacs and beads are primarily  chartreuse but orange beads are working too, guys are having the best luck with 10mm beads. Fort Niagara is holding Browns right now. The guys have been using glow spoons and beads.  I know its been unseasonably cold but the fishing is so amazing!!! Get out there and enjoy it!

Fall fishing

Walleye and Bass fishing is still continuing to impress in the Lower river and on the bar. Around Fort Niagara Launch is a good hot spot for the Smallmouth. Joe Davis State Park , also doing well for quite a few species of fish. The Platform is still closed due to the high water, hoping its open in time for Salmon, I will keep updating on this. The Salmon are out on the bar , getting ready to move in. Should be soon. Had some guys hit the piers yesterday to try for some early Salmon, no word yet. Its a beautiful day today , so get out and enjoy the great fishing going on!!


Summer Fishing

There are Smallmouth Bass being caught a little more frequently in the Lower Niagara around Lewiston Landing and at the bar but the moss is still causing some frustration. A few Walleye have been caught also, mainly at night or early evening. Once this moss lifts fishing should explode. Still hoping and praying for the water levels to drop some, and hoping it will be in time for the Salmon run. The Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario has been decent. Guys are fishing on the bar in 300 to 500ft of water and they have been caught in 65 to 150ft suspended. Spoons are doing the best right now but guys are using meat also. Lake Erie Walleye fishing is continuing to impress!! They are fishing out in front of the windmills in about 55 to 65ft of water ,out by the last windmill, so they are moving out deeper. Planer boards, dipsy’s and large bottom bouncers with a worm harness seems to be the ticket.  Get out and enjoy the warmth because we all know whats coming…… WINTER! 

Smelt Report

The ice is finally almost out of the river so the water temperature should start to go up this week with the warmer weather we will be getting. One smelt was caught last night. Yes , one! When they do start to run it will be quick due to the fact that we are so far into spring. I will keep you all posted. I will know alot more after this weekend.

Creek Road Bait and Tackle

October is bringing in some great fishing!! They are catching an abundance of Salmon in the Lower Niagara River off treated Skein. The platform guys are using skein and spoons as well as the shore guys. They are doing well at Burt Dam in Olcott and Oak Orchard. Olcott Pier is a hot spot and they are using casting spoons, glow preferably, but not a necessity.  The news off Wilson pier is some Salmon are being caught as well as Browns and some Steelhead. In Wilson Harbor the perch are on fire with some nice Pike being  picked up in there as well. There is a wide variety of fish being caught in the lower, Bass, Walleye and large Channel Cats. The warmer weather was a concern but has not hurt the fishing at all so get out there and enjoy the fishing and the great weather we are having, you wont be disappointed!!!!