New Canadian law good news for NY boaters, anglers on border waters

New boating bill signed this week, reversing U.S.-Canada woes

An important boating bill that would once again allow U.S. fishermen to enter into Canadian waters to fish without calling into Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) – like it was previously – has now passed both the Senate and the House of Commons in Canada. As expected, it received “Royal Assent” this week and has already become law as of this writing.

Bill S-233 originated with Senator Bob Runciman in Canada. After months of negotiations and testimony, the bill finally was approved by both houses. When it becomes ratified, it will allow anglers to motor into Canadian waters in places like Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the Niagara River and not worry about having to report in. However, if you anchor in Canadian waters or if you plan on landing your vessel in Canada, you should continue to report to the CBSA. In addition, all Canadian fishing regulations will continue to be in effect including live bait regulations. No live bait of any kind (with the exception of nightcrawlers in approved bedding or water) can be taken into Canadian waters, even if the bait came from the same waterway. And make sure you have a Canadian fishing license and proper identification.