Fall Fishing 2020

Here we are , another Salmon season is upon us. There are a few Salmon already being caught at the Niagara Power Authority Platform. Guys have been using numerous techniques to bring these bad boys in. Fishing at the Olcott Pier is starting up, but still a little slow. Pull out your glow spoons and head out their for some fun night fishing!!! The Salmon on the Bar are stacked but getting them to hit has been a challenge, my guys really have had some success with Mussellhead heads and rigs or spoons. The Bass fishing has slowed up a little but no worries, the Bass never fail us this time of year they just move around and the big fish will start their winter gorging soon. Guys are doing well on worms, chubs, crabs and leeches, artificial only this time of year. Walleye are being caught down around Lewiston Landing , mainly at night, but nothing in great size or numbers and its been a little quiet on the Niagara Bar, jigging seems to produce larger fish but harnesses always work well. The weather has been workable so far , so get out and do some fishing!!!

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