Creek Road Bait and Tackle

October is bringing in some great fishing!! They are catching an abundance of Salmon in the Lower Niagara River off treated Skein. The platform guys are using skein and spoons as well as the shore guys. They are doing well at Burt Dam in Olcott and Oak Orchard. Olcott Pier is a hot spot and they are using casting spoons, glow preferably, but not a necessity.  The news off Wilson pier is some Salmon are being caught as well as Browns and some Steelhead. In Wilson Harbor the perch are on fire with some nice Pike being  picked up in there as well. There is a wide variety of fish being caught in the lower, Bass, Walleye and large Channel Cats. The warmer weather was a concern but has not hurt the fishing at all so get out there and enjoy the fishing and the great weather we are having, you wont be disappointed!!!!