Welcome to Creek Road Bait and Tackle. On this site you will find information about what we carry in our store, what tackle and live bait is best to use to fish in our area and where we are located. We also will have updated fishing conditions, weather and contests that are happening in our area.

7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. best fishing shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had left my house for work , i planed on fishing after and forgot my fresh cured eggs. i also was in a rush and did not bring money. i found $2 in my car and the wonderful owner let my buy half a pack of sacs instead of my whole night of fishing shot i ended up having a great night and landed 2 steelhead and 1 nice brown!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you SOSO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Lisa and Stephen
    Loved the store and the advice I received on how to fish the Niagra. Went out on the river with your husband Stephen drab6 fishing charters as my guide after not catching any fish from shore after a solid week of fishiging, because the river was so muddy do to the snow and rain. Water cleared up just enough the day I left April 21,2018, so we went for a half day of fishing with the river full of boats and loaded with fishermen. Steve put me on fish and I caught several steelhead and lost several and missed numerous bites (never fished for steelhead.) He has great patience, knows the river, friendly and my half day trip turned into a full day because I was having so much fun. Having fished all over the country Stephanand drap6 fishing charters “IS ONE OF THE BEST!” Most boats did not catch a single fish! I will be back to the Niagra and Stephen and drab6 fishing charters will be my NUMBER “1” CHOICE . Thanks for making my 60th birthday trip one to remember.
    John A.Zimmerman
    92Taft Highway
    Dry Ridge, Kentucky 41035

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  3. I called the (716) 807-6111 number earlier in the week and reached the VM. I did not wish to leave a long message, as I assumed you may have just been busy, and I thought this would be the next best method of contact. I can just call back at a specific time.

    I’m a journalist with US News and Business Report, and I would like to speak in reference to a positive piece I am writing.
    To be extremely clear, this is not a solicitation of any type. We would never require compensation to be involved with our articles. This is an editorial. (if you are not familiar please feel free to Google ir visit> http://www.usnewsandbusinessreport.com)

    This is an interesting series of ongoing “stand-alone” pieces that we are writing for local papers and news outlets titled “The Stories of Local Businesses “.
    Basically, we would like to hear about your origin story, experiences, opinions on different aspects of business, things to that effect. Happy to send a detailed overview, or we can just set up a prelim call, as it is a fairly straight forward piece. .

    This is my phone gmail contact, but all of my main contact info is below. The press contact can feel free to call me anytime as well.

    David Allen
    US News and Business Report
    877.927.9666 x709
    Cell: (917) 719-0353


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