Winter Fishing

I know the weather has been quite cold and the water clarity will continue to give us fits till we freeze more , but the fishing has been amazing!!! The shore guys at Art Park have been doing well.  The Lake Trout have not only been in great abundance but also great  in size. They are catching some hogs!! Laker season is not until January 1st , so release them unharmed. Steelhead and Brown Trout fishing has been pretty amazing also  in the Lower Niagara. Guys have been having luck with #4 spinners , egg sacs and beads. Colors are starting to change from Chartreuse to Pinks, but both are still working especially in murky water. 18 Mile Creek has been a little slow but I have had guys doing well at Oak Orchard with the Browns. Dont let this great winter fishing extravaganza pass you by. Get out and enjoy!!!

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